Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Using your Administrative Dashboard, you create an Appointment Type for each kind of appointment you wish to offer patients through the MyPatientScheduler service.

With Appointment Types, you have complete control over the clinic, providers, duration, visibility to new patients, and procedure codes used for each online appointment.

The overwhelming majority of patients feel appreciation for the convenience that MyPatientScheduler brings them. From scheduling appointments after hours and managing appointments for their children, to the time saving measures of confirmations by email, phone, and text message. Patients adapt well and are happy to use the system once they learn your office has it.

Many new patients will find your office by conducting an internet search using their favorite browser. Providing the opportunity for new patients to make an online appointment with your office gives a great first impression!

The patient satisfaction your office receives increases significantly based on the number of patients using MyPatientScheduler. To maximize patient usage, we suggest taking a look at ways to inform patients about MyPatientScheduler and how it can save them time.

Have you ever made an airline reservation online? Select a departure/arrival destination and travel date, and the system gives you back a list of available flights. MyPatientScheduler works the same way. Patients choose an appointment type, date, time, or day of the week they want to make the appointment on, and MyPatientScheduler responds with a list of available appointments matching their criteria and your schedule's availability. The patient chooses an available appointment time from the list and MyPatientScheduler books the appointment.

Yes, you can embed MyPatientScheduler into your website. The Patient Dashboard is a compact design, making it easily fit into almost any wetsite. You can even use the Admin Dashboard to change the look and feel to match your branding preferences.

Below is an example. We've embedded the MyPatientScheduler Demo into this page.

The MyPatientScheduler Connector is a tiny computer about the size of a deck of cards that plugs into your router and provides secure communication between our cloud based servers and your practice management system.

Deploying our service in this manor means there is no software to install on any of your computers.

When you sign up for MyPatientScheduler Live, we'll mail you a MyPatientScheduler Connector. Once it arrives, it will take less than one minute to plug into your router or switch and power it up using the included power supply.

MyPatientScheduler can save your office time and create efficiencies in ways the traditional phone only based appointment scheduling process cannot.

Our studies show that a typical cleaning appointment consumes an average 7 minutes of front desk staff time from the initial phone call to confirmation. MyPatientScheduler Live can reduce this time to nearly zero for many types of appointments with its fully integrated and automated features. MyPatientScheduler Choice can reduce reduce the appointment booking and confirmation time by 50% with its asynchronous appointment booking and confirmations.

Saving Time with MyPatientScheduler Live

MyPatientScheduler Live allows patients to completely book and confirm appointments on their own, freeing your staff to focus on other high value activities. MyPatientScheduler Live allows patients to interact with your schedule via a web browser to find an appointment date/time on their own, without the need to call your office to see what is available for them.

With fully automatic email, phone, and text message base confirmations, you'll find your confirmation rates up, while the time you spend confirming appointments dramatically reduced. When a patient confirms an appointment using MyPatientScheduler Live, your front office schedule is automatically updated with the confirmation status.

Saving Time with MyPatientScheduler Choice

MyPatientScheduler Choice allows appointment requests to queue up, allowing your office staff to process several appointments at once rather than a series of interrupted phone calls. MyPatientScheduler provides your Front office staff with a specialized dashboard for processing appointments and administering other activities. Aggregating activities in this way can create efficiencies not possible with phone based appointments.

Never an email to send...

MyPatientScheduler handles all patient communication activities automatically. Any frontdesk action requiring patient communication triggers MyPatientScheduler to automatically generate and send a custom email detailing the action.

When you subscribe to MyPatientScheduler, you'll receive a unique link (website url) to your personal online Patient Dashboard. The Patient Dashboard is how your patients interact with your MyPatientScheduler service.

Link from your website

Most customers provide a link to the Patient Dashboard from their office website. Patients click the "appointments" link and are re-directed to your MyPatientScheduler Patient Dashboard. Its a simple process to add this link to your website and we are always happy to help our customers get this done.

Embedded into your website

Another option is to embed the entire Patient Dashboard inside an iframe one your website. This keeps your patient experience more consistent. The MyPatientScheduler Admin Dashboard also contains a module to help you update the styling information of the Patient Dashboard.

First, MyPatientScheduler uses 128bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt all data sent between a user's browser and the server. This is a very secure way to send and receive private information. Credit card transactions are secured in this way. When you see https:// in the URL, you know the browser is encrypting your data.

Secondly, your data is stored in your own private area, separate from other subscribers' data.

No. Your office does not need a website to use MyPatientScheduler. The MyPatientScheduler service runs completely independent and separate from any website.

A website can make it easier for your Patients to find your MyPatientScheduler online appointment service. Most customers prefer to place a link on their office website to guide their Patients to their MyPatientScheduler Online Appointments Service. Some customers take advantage of MyPatientScheduler's ability to be embedded into their website as if it were just another page.

Yes. MyPatientScheduler Live is specifically designed to work with Open Dental.  Learn more

Yes. The look of the patient user interface can be customized using standard CSS with the help of our built-in customization tool.

No software needs to be installed on your computer(s) to use MyPatientScheduler.