MyPatientScheduler Help

Getting Started

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1First Steps
2Introduction to MyPatientScheduler
3Introduction to Frontdesk Administration
4Getting The Most From MyPatientScheduler
5Introduction to Recalls


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1MyPatientScheduler is a Web application
2I forgot my Username
3I forgot my Password
4How do I reset my Password?
5How do I report a bug?
6How to request a feature


#Help Article
1How to disable automated voice calls for a Patient
2How to disable automated SMS messages for a Patient
3How Do I Review Sent Text Messages?
4How Do I Send SMS Confirmation Notices?
5How Do I Review Delivered Voice Calls?
6How Do I Review Sent Recall Notices?
7How To Manually Send Voice Confirmation Notices?
8How Do I Send Recall Notices?
9How Do I Change My Frontdesk Password?
10How to Process Payments
11Sending Registration Invitations
12A word about SSN numbers
13What is the difference between a User and a Patient?
14How to send email Confirmation Notices?
15Frontdesk User Accounts
16Acknowledge Confirmed Appointments
17Acknowledge Cancelled Appointments
18What Is A Pending Appointment?
19Process Pending Appointments
20User Accounts
21How do I view the Family Member Groups a Patient belongs to?
22How do I associate a Patient record with an existing User Account?
23How do I reset User Passwords?
24How do I create a new Patient record?
25How do I create a User Account?
26What is an Unverified Patient?
27How Do I Verify a Patient?
28Patient and User Account Management


Help articles related to the Administration features of MyPatientScheduler.

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1How do I customize my email messages?
2How Do I Test the SMS Appointment Confirmation Module?
3How Do I Test the Voice Appointment Confirmation Module?
4How Do I Configure the SMS Confirmation Module?
5How Do I Configure the Voice Confirmation Module?
6How Do I Create Recall Types?
7How To Setup Procedure Codes
8How To Setup Providers
9How To Create Appointment Types
10Take MyPatientScheduler Offline
11Customizing MyPatientScheduler
12Administration Login
13How To Change the Admin Account Password
14How To Change Patient Greeting