How to Configure the SMS Appointment Confirmation Module

If you have the MyPatientScheduler Text Option, follow these steps to configure it. The Text, or SMS option allows MyPatientScheduler to seek automatic appointment confirmations using text messages to patients. Patients can confirm their appointments immediately simply by replying to text message with the confirmation code they receive.

1. Optional - Enter a Custom Greeting
If the default greeting does not fit your needs, you may create a custom greeting for you patients. Be sure to use <PATIENT_NAME> and <APPOINTMENT_DATE> placeholders in your greeting exactly as shown (including brackets) so MyPatientScheduler can replace them with specific patient and appointment information during a call.
The current text greeting is shown at the top of the page. See the "Your current greeting" call-out. Also show is the estimated length of the message. Your overall message length cannot exceed 150 total characters in length, including the patient name and appointment date value substitutions.
We recommend using the default greeting whenever possible, as this will help avoid message truncation in the event the patient name and appointment date substitutions cause excessive message length.
2. Choose the Send Days
Select the days of the week you wish automatic confirmation messages delivered.
3. Enter the number of Reminder Days Prior
Enter the number of days prior to an appointment you which automated text messages to be sent. Note, confirmation reminder messages are only generated if an appointment has not already be confirmed by other means.
4. Choose the Reminder Send Time
Select the time of day you wish your messages to be generated and sent. If no time is selected, messages are generated every hour.
5. Select SMS Messaging Enabled? to enable automatic text messaging
To enable automated call reminders select the checkbox. To disable automated calls, uncheck the checkbox.
6. Save your changes
Be sure to save the changes you've made by selecting the Save button.
7. Test your Text Greeting
Click the "Show Test Criteria" to reveal the test control portion of this form. See How to Test the SMS Confirmation Greeting.