How To Create Recall Types

The Recall Type is the heart of the MyPatientScheduler Recall Processing Module. Follow these steps to create a new Recall Type.

Recall Type Module
1. Enter a Name for your Recall Type
The Frontdesk Admin will see the Recall Type Name in a drop-down list when they are reviewing or sending Recall Notices. Use something descriptive, but keep it short.
2. Enter a Description
Enter a description for your Recall Type. This information is for your purposes and is not used in MyPatientScheduler at this time.
3. Enter a Recall Interval
Enter the number of days between appointments that trigger a Recall. For example, enter 181 to trigger a "Cleaning" Recall Notice to patients one day after the six month recommendation. The extra day can be added to prevent insurance claims issues.
4. Enter a Priority for this Recall Type
If you create multiple Recall Types, MyPatientScheduler will process automated Recalls in the order specified here. A lower number indicates a higher priority, or the order in which you want Recalls processed. MyPatientScheduler will only process one recall per patient, so a Recall Notice generated for a Priority 5 Recall Type will not be sent if the same patient had a Recall process for a Priority 1 Recall Type.
5. Check the Automatic? box if you want MyPatientScheduler to automatically process Recall Notices for this Recall Type
MyPatientScheduler will periodically look for patients that eligible for Recall Notices and send them automatically if this flag is set. If it is not set, it is assumed that the Frontdesk will initiate the Recall processing for this Recall Type.
6. Select on or more Procedure Codes
Select one or more Procedure Codes to associate with this Recall Type. The Recall engine looks for patient appointments with ANY of these Procedure Codes to determine Recall eligibility.
8. Click the Save button
Your new Recall Type is immediately available for use.