Customizing MyPatientScheduler

When your MyPatientScheduler service is first activated, it may contain default information which is not specific to your practice.

  1. Log in as the Administrator, and choose the Practice Information menu option.
  2. Verify and update the practice name, address, and contact information. Be sure the email address listed is valid and working correctly.
  3. If you have an exiting website, enter the url of that website in the Website Url text box. MyPatientScheduler will use this link information to create a link back to this website on every page. This allows your patients to click on the company/practice name visible in the header of every page and be directed back to your practice's website.
  4. Customize you patient message. The patient message, or greeting, is displayed to the user on their MyPatientScheduler home page.
  5. Enter the number of days prior to an appointment that you wish MyPatientScheduler to begin sending confirmation request to your patients (Confirmation Days Prior field).
  6. Update your appointment interval. Note, your patients will still be able to request appointments on the whole hour despite the value supplied in the Appointment Interval field. MyPatientScheduler uses this information to build the list of valid appointment times the Frontdesk user is allows to book appointments for.
  7. Update the times for first and last appointment scheduled during the day.