First Steps

Before offering the MyPatientScheduler service to your patients, your office personnel will need to familiarize themselves with the features of the application.

Get To Know MyPatientScheduler

We recommend the following steps to make the most of your MyPatientScheduler experience:

  1. The Doctor or office manager should take the time to understand the MyPatientScheduler service and how it will impact your practice's business processes and frontdesk staff. Read the introduction and various help articles. Use the demo application to elevate your understanding of MyPatientScheduler.
  2. Set clear expectations with the Frontdesk staff regarding the use of MyPatientScheduler.
  3. Provide your Frontdesk staff ample time to get up to speed with the MyPatientScheduler service. Have them read the Frontdesk help articles and run the demo application.
  4. If you have an existing website, you will most likely want a brief introduction and or a link to your MyPatientScheduler service from that website. Plan how you want this implemented.
  5. Change your Administrative and frontdesk default passwords.
  6. Read the Getting The Most of Your MyPatientScheduler Service article

Setup Your MyPatientScheduler Service

To get your MyPatientScheduler service ready for your patients, you'll need to customize the service to suit your needs.

  1. Be sure your MyPatientScheduler service is offline
  2. Setup your provider list
  3. Setup procedure codes
  4. Setup the Appointment Types you will allow your patients to make
  5. Using the Admin Dashboard, customize your practice information
  6. Make your MyPatientScheduler service available to your patients