Processing Payments

When a patient makes a payment, their payment will be held in a "pending" status until the Frontdesk administrator processes the payment. MyPatientScheduler collects all the payment information necessary for a Frontdesk staff member to process the payment just as you would by phone. Payments will queue, allowing you to process multiple payments at once.

The patient will receive an initial email when they submit the payment indicating its pending state. Another email is automatically send to them when the payment is processed.

The Frontdesk dashboard home page will indicate how many payments are ready for processing.

Click on the link and you will be presented with a report summarizing the information of all the pending payments.

The Payments report shows the Frontdesk manager summary level information about all the online payments including the patient, amount, when it was submitted, processed, and who processed it.

Click the edit link and you will be presented with the details of the payment.

The Payment details screen allows the Frontdesk manager to update, delete, or Accept the payment. Pressing the Accept button is all that is needed to process the payment. MyPatientScheduler will mark the payment as processed, when it was processed, and send the patient an email indicating their payment is complete.

To Process A Payment

  1. From the Frontdesk home page, click the pending appointments link.
  2. Click the edit link next to the payment you wish to process.
  3. Enter the payment information into your credit card processing software and process the payment as you normally do.
  4. Update the patient account in your practice management system.
  5. Click the Accept Payment button on the MyPatientScheduler payment details screen.
  6. Done!