How to send voice confirmation notices

If you have the MyPatientScheduler Voice option, the Frontdesk Administrator can Manually Send Voice Confirmations at any time. All calls are sent immediately, bypassing your standard voice configuration settings.

MyPatientScheduler also generates and sends Voice calls automatically based on the your Voice Module configuration settings.

Appointment Confirmation requests sent by phone can only be generated one time. Once a patient receives a reminder / confirmation request call, no other calls for that appointment will be generated or sent by MyPatientScheduler, either manually or automatically.

Manually Send Voice Confirmations

  1. Log into the Frontdesk Dashboard
  2. Select the Appointments -> Voice Confirmations menu option
  3. Enter the number of "Days Out" you want to generate calls for. This will default to your Voice Configuration setting.
  4. Select one or more appointment records from the list and click "Generate Selected", or click "Generate All" to initiate a confirmation call to all eligible appointments.

Review Confirmation Calls Made by MyPatientScheduler

To review the Calls which have been made by MyPatientScheduler, see How to Review Sent Voice Notices.