Introduction to MyPatientScheduler Recalls

MyPatientScheduler has a Recall Module that makes it easy for MyPatientScheduler Live customers to quickly and easily send Patient Recall Notices. Recalls can be processed by MyPatientScheduler automatically, and / or by the Frontdesk Administrator. In either case, patients receive an email from MyPatientScheduler indicating they are due to schedule and appointment for a specific Recall. The Recall Notice email includes links to help your patients schedule their appointment on-line, sign up if they don't already have an account, or opt-out of receive future scheduling reminders.

Recall Types

Using the Admin Dashboard Recall Type module, you define one ore more Recall Types to suite your needs. With each Recall Type you associate one ore more procedure codes, specify a recall frequency, a processing priority, and specify if the related recalls are to be processed automatically. MyPatientScheduler will automatically generate recall notices for each of your Recall Types in the order of priority you specify.

The Recall List

Using the Frontdesk Dashboard Recall List, you can view which patients are eligible for specific Recall Types. You can select one or more patients to send recalls to, or turn off Recall Notices for select patients.

View Delivered Recall Notices

Using the Frontdesk Dashboard Recall Notices report you can view Recall Notices which have been sent to patients. This report also includes information about patient usage of the Recall Notice including how many times the have click one of its links and when.

Recall Eligibility

A patient becomes eligible for a Recall Notice if the following conditions exist:

MyPatientScheduler uses the Procedure Codes associated with appointments to determine eligibility for Recall Notices. The normal synchronization processes insure accurate procedure code / appointment information - even if an appointment does not originate from MyPatientScheduler.