Introduction to Frontdesk Administration

The Frontdesk Dashboard allows a front desk person to manage all aspects of the Patient Registration, Appointment Request, and Appointment Confirmation process.

Patients will register for User accounts in order to use your MyPatientScheduler service. When a patient registers, MyPatientScheduler will try to match their registered patient information to existing patient information. If a match cannot be found, this new patient account is considered to be an unverified new patient. If a match can be found, e.g. the patient record has previously been created in MyPatientSchduler, then the new patient is considered a verified existing patient.

Unverified patients require verification by the Frontdesk user.

Once registered, Patients can request appointments. A Frontdesk user will review each appointment requests and update it with an actual appointment date after review of availability with the front office Practice Management System.

Some time prior to a Patient's appointment, the system will queue up appointment confirmation request notices. A Frontdesk user reviews and sends the confirmation request notices.

Any action that needs the Frontdesk user's attention, is listed on their home page in the Required Actions section. This will list the type of action and how many are outstanding. For example, if a new patient has registered with your MyPatientScheduler service, this section will list an action denoting that there are Unverified Patients.