Introduction to MyPatientScheduler

MyPatientScheduler is designed specifically to make the process of interacting with your patients more efficient and less time consuming. Using MyPatientScheduler, you can significantly reduce the amount of time spent seeking and confirming appointments by phone. With MyPatientScheduler, your patients will be able to make, cancel, and confirm their own appointments using their web browser. Patients still have the option of calling you directly for an appointment, but now you are giving them the choice of using the internet also, anytime, not just during normal business hours.

The best way to understand how MyPatientScheduler works is to use it. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with its functions by running the demo. Using the demo, you can get a sense of what your patients see, what you're Frontdesk functions are, and even what is available from the Administrative portion of the application.

As a brief introduction, we've provided a typical appointment request and processing scenario using the MyPatientScheduler Standard version. Note, the MyPatientScheduler Live version differs in that a patient appointment is automatically booked to your front office application - it does not receive a pending status.

A typical scenario: A registered patient makes an appointment.

Once registered, a patient logs into their MyPatientScheduler account, and requests a new appointment for a specific date and optionally, a time. They can also specify a secondary appointment date/time, enter current issues or concerns, and provide appointment scheduling comments you can use when booking their appointment. This new appointment now is Pending, and awaiting action (booking) by a Frontdesk user. MyPatientScheduler automatically sends an email to the Patient containing their Pending appointment information and lets them know they will be notified via email as soon as it is processed (booked).

A Frontdesk user logs into the MyPatientScheduler Frontdesk dashboard and sees that they have outstanding Pending appointments requiring their attention. A quick review of the patient request revels their requested appointment date, preferred time, and even preferred day of the week. The Frontdesk staff member checks the front office practice management system's schedule for an opening that closely matches that criteria and adds them to the schedule, then updates the MyPatientScheduler appointment request with the date and time of the appointment. MyPatientScheduler then automatically sends an email back to the requesting patient notifying them of their appointment date and time.

Some pre-set number of days before an appointment, MyPatientScheduler notifies the Frontdesk user of booked appointments eligible for a confirmation request. The Frontdesk person reviews the list of Patients to receive confirmation request notices and clicks send. MyPatientScheduler sends a confirmation request email to all Patients listed in the pending request notices queue. The email contains a link the patient can click to confirm their appointment.

The Patient was able to book and confirm their appointment without having to call the office. And the frontdesk staff member was able to process the request at their convenience.

Please review the other Frontdesk help topics to become familiar with its features.