How to Process Pending Appointments

  1. From the Home page, click the Pending Appointment Requests link. Note this link will only be available if there are Pending Appointments in need of processing.
  2. Review the Patient's Appointment Request information and find an available time slot for this appointment in the Front office Practice Management System as close to the requested information as possible. You can click the information icon to see appointment details.
  3. Record the appointment in the Front office Practice Management System.
  4. Click the edit link corresponding to the appointment you are processing.
  5. Update the MyPatientScheduler Appointment Status to Booked, enter the Appointment Date and time to what you recorded in the Front office Practice Management System, and record any message you want to accompany the automatic email notification sent to the user.
  6. If your office has the Waitlist option, a waitlist checkbox will be displayed. Click this checkbox to waitlist the patient for an using their original request information. Their notification email will include information about the their waitlist. This is handy when the appointment date/time available in the front office application differs significantly with their request information.
  7. Click the Save button. The MyPatientScheduler system will send an email to the patient indicating the date and time of the appointment.