Sending Registration Invitations

MyPatientScheduler provides the Frontdesk user a quick way to invite patients to sign-up and make appointments online. MyPatientScheduler generates an email invitation with a link to your MyPatientScheduler service and invites patients to signup to make their next appointment online.

To send a single invitation

  1. Choose the Patients->Single Email Invitation menu option
  2. Enter the patients First Name, Last Name, and Email address
  3. Click "Send Invitation"
  4. To send another, simply click the "Send Another Invitation" button

To send multiple invitations (MyPatientScheduler Live only)

With the MyPatientScheduler Live option, the Frontdesk user can send a batch of invitation emails with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  1. Choose the Patients->Group Email Invitation menu option
  2. Click the "Generate Invite List" button. MyPatientScheduler generates a list of patients for whom you have email address stored in your practice management system
  3. Select the patient(s) you want to send the invitation to
  4. Click the "Send Invitations" button