How To Setup Appointment Types

The Appointment Type is the heart of the MyPatientScheduler Service. Follow these steps to create a new Appointment Type.

1. Enter a Name for your Appointment Type
The Patient will see the Appointment Type Name in a drop-down list when they are making appointments. Use something descriptive, but keep it short.
2. Enter a Description
After selecting the Appointment Type from a list, the patient is presented with this description. Use this to help patients understand what this appointment is about.
3. Enter Duration
Enter the number of time "units" this appointment uses on your scheduler. For example, enter 50 for a 50 minute appointment. During availability checking, the system uses this time duration to look for openings in your schedule where this appointment type can fit.
4. Select the Visibility of this Appointment Type
Select "Available to New Patients" if you wish this Appointment Type to be visible to "unverified" patients. Select "Available to Existing Patients" if you wish this Appointment Type to be visible to "verified" patients. Using these two visibility modifies, you can control how this Appointment Type is used by your patients. You can even define Appointment Types that are not visible by any patient, but that your Frontdesk staff may assign to a patient using the Frontdesk Dashboard.
5. Select a Provider Type
Currently MyPatientScheduler is configured to allow the selection of Doctor or Hygiene. Your selection here will determine which providers are available for assignment. Once a value is selected, the list of Providers is populated with the corresponding providers of this type.
6. Select one or more Provider
This is required if you are using the Live edition of MyPatientScheduler and optional for all other editions. Assigning Providers to your Appointment Type allows your patients to choose from this list while scheduling an appointment. MyPatientScheduler Live uses this list as the sorce for schedule availability checking. Only the provider schedules in this list will be search by MyPatientScheduler for availability.
7. Select on or more Procedure Codes
Required for MyPatientScheduler Live, and option for all other MyPatientScheduler editions. Associate one or more procedure codes to your Appointment Type. MyPatientScheduler Live uses the Procedure Codes associated with an Appointment Type to calculate the duration of an appointment, determine which operatory to schedule an appointment in, and to calculate treatment cost.
8. Click the Save button
Your new Appointment Type is immediately available for use by your patients.

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