SSN Security

To verify patient identity, MyPatientScheduler asks the patient to supply the last four digits of their SSN during registration. This can be adjusted for non-US based customers.

When a patient record is saved to the MyPatientScheduler database (by registration or Frontdesk quick-add), the SSN is always encrypted. For privacy and security reasons, the encrypted SSN can never be recalled, even by us.

The confirmation process is applied to an existing MyPatientScheduler patient record. Since it is an existing patient record, the SSN is encrypted.

If you have the Connector option, during the patient confirmation process, MyPatientScheduler will tell you if the patient does not exist in your Practice Management System and ask if you want it automatically created. Once created, you'll see a large string of numbers and letters and not the real SSN. This is done to protect the privacy of your patient during registration and / or the confirmation process.

Also important to note is that MyPatientScheduler only collects the last four digits of the SSN for patients over the age of 18. Once a patient is confirmed, the encrypted SSN is not used.