Difference between Users and Patients

In order to use the MyPatientScheduler application, you must have a user account. A user account consists of a user or login name, email address, secret question and password information. There are three types of user accounts; Patient, Frontdesk, and Administrator.

A Patient type user account is special, in that it has one or more Patient records associated with it. Frontdesk and Administrator accounts do not have Patient records associated with them. When a Patient registers to use the MyPatientScheduler service, the system collects both User account and Patient information from them. The patient User account is directly associated to their Patient record.

A MyPatientScheduler Patient record is synonymous with a Patient record in the front office Practice Management System. A Patient has a name, address, and birth date information. Appointments are always for a Patient and not a User. A User requests appointments for a specific Patient.

A User account may have many Patients associated with it. And a Patient record may be associated with multiple User accounts. When many Patient records are associated with the same User account, it is know as a Family Group. This allows a single User to maintain appointments for their entire family.