How to Verify a new Patient

The Action List on the Frontdesk Dashboard will tell you when you have an Unverified Patient. An Unverified Patient is simply a MyPatientScheduler Patient records that has not be connected to its corresponding Patient record in your front office practice management system. MyPatientScheduler Live will often perform the verification process automatically. Follow these steps to verify a patient manually:

  1. From the Frontdesk Dashboard, select Patient -> Unverified Patients, or click the link from the Required Actions section of the Frontdesk Dashboard home page.
  2. View the list of patient(s) that need verifying.
  3. Conduct a search of the patient by last name and first name to be sure there are not duplicate records. If so, a simply merge the records together using the merge utility.
  4. Find the corresponding Patient record in the front office Practice Management System and note their unique Patient ID or Chart ID number. Your office can use whatever unique identifier from the front office system they wish, just be consistent with its use.
  5. Record this unique Patient ID number in the Front Office ID field of the patient record, and click save.