MyPatientScheduler Live
for Open Dental

MyPatientScheduler Live for Open Dental is a fully integrated online scheduling, reminder, confirmation, and recall service built specifically for Open Dental.

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Open Dental Integration

"Other online appointment scheduling systems we've used have been cumbersome, time consuming and not well integrated with our practice management system. MyPatientScheduler however, provides a seamless, fully integrated, reliable, and easy to use service that saves us time and makes our office more efficient, while providing extra convenience to our patients."

-Dr. Steven Yee, DDS

Online Appointment Scheduling

Patients may schedule appointments directly to Open Dental. You retain complete control over the types of appointments offered online utilizing powerful appointment templates.  Learn more

Automatic Appointment Confirmations

Allow patients to confirm appointments by email, phone, and text message. Confirmations are posted directly to Open Dental, as they occur, so you see immediately results.  Learn more

Daily SMS Reminders

Automatically send an SMS reminder to patients the morning of their appointment.  Learn more

Advanced Recall System

MyPatientScheduler automatically generates appointment recall reminders to patients based on their appointment history and other settings you configure. 100% procedure code driven.  Learn more

How Real-Time Scheduling Works

1. Patient Login

Patients sign into their secure Patient Dashboard account.

  • Each Patient my have their own account or a guarentor may manage appointments for a family group.
  • The Patient Dashboard may be embedded into your existing website.
  • You can customize the look of the Patient Dashboard.
  • The Patient Dashboard make be taken offline while keeping the remaining parts of MyPatientScheduler active.
  • New Patients may be treated differently than existing Patients
Patient Login

2. Search and Select Appointment

Patients interactively search for an appointment date/time.

  • Advanced filters allow searching by any part of a date, time, or day of the week.
  • Search results are based on your Open Dental provider schedules.
  • Patients can only make appointments based on the Appointment Type templates you allow.
  • The availability engine completely honors your Open Dental provider schedules, operatory assignments, and time blocks.
Patient Login

3. Book Appointment

Appointments are booked directly to Open Dental.

  • Online Appointments are placed into your Open Dental schedule in real-time.
  • A treatment plan is automatically attached to the appointment based on the procedure codes you assigned to the Appointment Type Template in MyPatientScheduler.
  • A comment is created so you know the appointment originated from MyPatientScheduler.
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Patient Login
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