Features and Pricing

MyPatientScheduler is available in two configurations:

  Choice Live


 Online Appointment Scheduling
 Customizable Appointment Types
 Customizable Cancellation Policy
 Automatic Email Confirmations
 Automatic Recalls
 Standard Support
 Real-time Availability Checking
 Real-time Appointment Scheduling
 Real-time Appointment Confirmations
 Patient and Appointment Synchronization  
 MPS Connector  


 Free Trial
 Monthly Fee $39.95 $99.95

Additional Options**

 SMS Confirmations $49.95 $49.95
 Voice Confirmations $49.95 $49.95
 SMS Appointment Reminders $49.95 $49.95
 Local SMS Number  $7.95  $7.95
 Premium Support $49.95 $49.95

*No contract. No cancellation fee. No hassle.

**Additional Options are billed monthly with your service.